Public Pension Research Services

Professional Public Pension Research for Protecting Your Municipal Bond Portfolio Investment.

An estimated $3.4 trillion deficit in US public pension funding leaves both private and institutional municipal bond investors exposed to portfolio loss from credit rating declines and, in some extreme cases, possible credit defaults. What if there was a cost-effective way to leverage professional research to protect your investment?

Public Pension Research
Private and Institutional Investors seeking to protect their portfolios from downside risk can take advantage of MBPA’s extensive research into both State and local pension plans or can commission MBPA for custom research projects to address specific portfolio questions.

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MBPA Principals on Public Pension Research

The Market Challenge of Underfunded Public Pensions

Many states, local governments and governmental agencies are struggling under the weight of their pension plans, which oversee the retirement incomes of current and past public sector employees.

The scale of this pension crisis, as it has been dubbed, is huge. The Hoover Institution, a think-tank at Stanford University, estimates that US public pensions collectively have a $3.4 trillion funding hole.