Municipal Bond Individual Management

Your Bank’s Municipal Bond Portfolio – Professionally Managed.

In today’s market, municipal bond yields outperform treasuries and many other traditional investments. Isn’t it time to develop or enhance your bank’s municipal portfolio?

We Don’t Replace Your In-House Investment Staff – We Empower Them

Dodd-Frank and other complicated regulations create many additional burdens on bank officers and staff, requiring independent analysis and annual compliance efforts.

Our experienced team focuses entirely on municipal investment and compliance, serving as a specialized extension of your in-house staff.

We free your key officers to focus on investment areas that better leverage their individual experience and expertise.

We work with your team to help choose the best municipal investment to meet your bank’s short and long-term investment goals.

Our reporting – pre-investment, annual and on-going – provides your officers sound advice, legal compliance and peace of mind.

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In-Depth: Individual Management

MBPA Principals on Individual Management

Challenges and Solutions for Banks' Municipal Bond Portfolio

Banks continue to have many challenges concerning their municipal bond portfolios. In today’s market when municipal yields are outperforming treasuries and many other investments, it is a time when a Bank would be well served to have, or increase, its municipal portfolio, despite the challenges that they face.
Fortunately there is a solution to those challenges which is offered by MBPA. The benefits to a Bank retaining the services of MBPA include: